Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remember your school Life once again

   Remembering my school days is like traveling down my memory lane and bringing a big smile on my face :) .Those twelve years of my School life were truly awesome!!!they flew like a rocket.. but very special for me! it gave me so many experiences. In this wonderful school of mine, I learnt to write, to play and to fly like a free bird. I was happy and content with my group of friends, and with myself..

(Photos- courtesy Facebook page)

   It was a carefree, hassle free life. School days run on friendship and mutual trust. If maintained well, it is everlasting.Number of students in every section in a class used to range between forty and fifty. So, one used to have numerous classmates. I was wondering "Where are those classmates now? How are they? What they have become?" etc . It is very difficult to find answers to all those questions.Now with the development of information technology, a website like facebook  can provide details about our classmates . It is a way to revive friendship once again.
    I do remember my school prayers and Assembly at the morning .Lunch break was always fun filled with chit chats.Evening time after school there was a long walk home.  I would dawdle my way home, weighed down by my school bag filled with books and all other necessities.The way to go anywhere was just my bicycle in those days. 
        In our school time our ambitions would have no bounds at all. It is when we dream and life is really one of the exciting phases of our lives. Our teenage falls during school days only. It is during school days we attain physical as well as mental maturity and starts talking about love & life. School days are not confined merely to four walls of a classroom; they extend far beyond those four walls. 
    In classroom a long bell used to awaken us. Often we remember those happy moments.We have to be attentive and serious in a class. We have to be pin drop silence during a class.Our discipline depends upon the teacher. As soon as a period was over, school bell used to ring, our teacher used to leave our class . It was a great relief for every one of us. What noise we used to make. .These are our memories only now.
         How can we forget the stress  which we used to have during exam period. Some are prepared to face examinations at anytime. Some start their preparations only when examinations are fast approaching . I used to burn midnight oil during exam period. How happy one would be once the examinations are over.  How anxiously I used to wait for vacations. 
They are the golden period of our life...
I remember....Gang of friends
                     Boring Uniforms
                     Group Photos
                     Rocking Annual days
                     Youth festival
                     Report card
                     Last Board Exam
                     Nick names of teachers & school mates
                     Bus Stand Comedies
                     Unity of standing together when a question is asked in the class.
                     Last bench wits
                     Birthday Treats
                     Last Minute Studies
                     Tuition class .......................and so on...
A sweet hug at the end of each day..
Do u remember those days ..?

Dedicated to All My Best & Precious Friends,who were Part Of My HAPPY DAYS! .
School Life = HEAVEN :)

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