Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What’s your colour personality???

Your color preference speaks a lot about your personality , it can reveal who you really are…Check what does your favourite colour say about you??..

WHITE : Symbolic of purity  and innocence. white has strong connotations of youth and purity . It may also symbolize a desire for the simple life.

BLACK: Dignified and impressive , Black people give the appearance of mystery , their preference suggests hidden depths and rich inner substance.

GREEN : The color of harmony and balance ,green symbolizes hope , renewal and peace , and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere. Greens are generally frank , community-minded people, fairy sociable but preferring peace at any price.

BROWN : A brown person has stamina and patience ,tending to be very solid and substantial , conscientious ,dependable , steady and conservative . Browns love responsibility and are reliable and kindly.

RED: The color of strength , health and vitality, Red is often the color chosen by someone outgoing aggressive , vigorous and impulsive or someone who would like to be ! Red is usually chosen by people with open and uncomplicated natures , with zest for life.

BLUE : Soft, soothing , compassionate and caring ,Blue is the color of deliberation and introspection , conservatism and duty . Patient , persevering , conscientious , sensitive and self controlled, Blues like to be admired for their steady character and wisdom.

YELLOW: The color of happiness, wisdom and imagination , Yellow is chosen by the mentally adventurous , searching for novelty and self-fulfillment. Yellow usually goes with sunny and shrewd personality , with a good business head and a strong sense of humor.

ORANGE :This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round.Orange is the color of youth , strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

PINK : Pink people are affectionate and in turn like to feel loved and secure, a part of them is delicated and fragile. Pink People tend to be charming , gentle and fairly light hearted.

GRAY:  The color of caution and compromise , diligent Grays search for composure and peace and work hard at evertything they do . Grays often have good business ability and tend to work too much.

PURPLE : Purples are highly individual, witty and sensitive , with strong desire to be unique and different. If you chose purple , you tend to be unconventional , tolerant and dignified , likely to achieve positions of authority .

MAROON : Life experience has probably matured the maroon person into someone likable and generous. It indicates a well -disciplined personality- one who has had ups and downs in life ans come up trumps.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Woman's day

     March 8 is International Women’s Day and this is a global celebration for all women around the world.The first International Women's Day event was run in 1911.2011 marks the 100-year anniversary of International womans day. The annual holiday has roots in the American Women's Suffrage Movement and is now celebrated by individuals, organizations and nations around the world.
      International Women's Day is a time to honor women and raise awareness about the unique obstacles they face around the world. This year's theme is "Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women."
Here i have added pictures and information of some great womens.

Cleopatra was the ambitious last ruler of the Macedonian Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. In her struggles to win the crown and keep her country free, she sought the support of Julius Caesar, bearing him a son.she was was highly educated and possessed an impressive intellect, being a student of philosophy and international relations.
2.Victoria(Queen of England, 1819-1901)

Queen Victoria's rule was the longest in English history. Called the Victorian age, it was a time when Britain was at the height of its colonial power. Victoria became a symbol of British expansionist foreign policy. She insisted on taking an active part in the decisions of the government, and forcefully backed those ministers she liked. She herself was most proud of her role as wife and mother - she had nine children.
3.Nur jahan 

Nur Jahan was one of the most influential women of her day. As favorite wife of the powerful Mughal emperor Jahangir, she found herself uniquely positioned to brilliantly utilize her skills in administration, politics, economics, and culture.
4.Indira Gandhi (Prime Minister of India,1917-1984)

As daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, politics was always a part of Indira Gandhi's world. She joined her father's Congress Party in 1938 and was jailed for awhile by the British for her support of India's independence from Great Britain. After her father's death, she was elected to Parliament in his place, becoming Prime Minister herself in 1966. In 1984 she met a brutal death at the hands of Sikh assassins in retaliation for her forceful actions to halt disturbances in a sacred Sikh temple.
5.Mother Teresa

she was a catholic nun of Albanian ethnicity and Indian citizenship.She founded Missionaries of charity in Culcutta,in India in 1950.For over 45 years she ministered to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying, while guiding the Missionaries of Charity's expansion, first throughout India and then in other countries.Following her death she was beatified by Pope john Paul II and given the title Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.
6.Kalpana chawla

she was an Indian-American astronaut with NASA. She was one of seven crew members killed in the Space shuttle columbia disaster.
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