Sunday, May 8, 2011

This is for you ..Mom! are so special
And i love you so...
There is nothing as pure as your love
You are the one who cares for me
You are the one that makes troubles be gone
You make me feel like a VIP
You are the one who knows me best.

Mom..You are my friend ,my heart and my soul
You hear my heart and you hear my screams
You are the greatest friend i know
Your arms are always open when i needed a hug
You protect me from all the evils of the world
You give a secure shelter in your lap
Nothing can destroy your love or take that away.

Your little girl is growing up..
But your baby girl will always remain deep inside me
I saw the tears you tried to hide when i walked away
We are together though we're apart
Thank you for believing in me
Thank you for being the one person i could trust
Mom..I am so proud to Claim..I love you..

With love..
your daughter..