Monday, April 23, 2012


                     Jealousy! I think everyone gets that emotion in their life. I have felt it from time to time.Jealousy is an emotion .It refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human relationship.
        A child may become jealous when their parents give some more  love to a sibling. A grown up person  may become jealous if they observe that their lover is flirting with someone else.I don’t know whether jealous is bad or good. Being a little jealous in is natural. It’s a normal human feeling . But it is important to not let it affect your life in negative ways. First understand what may be at the root of them. Truly understanding the root of those feelings, though, may be the most effective way to stop them from arising.

   I've had people be jealous of me before. They say about hurtful thing they can think of, just to make you feel bad.They hate to see you happy, and they love to see you in adverse situations. jealous people tend to be disrespectful and lose their manners around you.
       Next time when you encounter such lowlifes just remember to keep in mind that they are pathetic idiots who feel miserable and desperate over something you have. Consider yourself in the superior position.
                 Sometime jealousy is a waste of time and effort .It will poison a relationship faster than almost anything else .jealously is one of those emotions we don't want to feel, but almost impossible not to feel sometimes. A little bit of jealousy sometimes spices things up, but too much ruins everything.
                            Most married couples suffer from the jealousy of thei in-law. This could lead to breakdown of marriages, no matter how compatible the couples are.One way to handle this situation is to work on improving your self-confidence. I would advise you to read books about self-esteem. I would also suggest paying less attention to other people.

                                      Be Happy :)


  1. It is usually not good, you are correct. But jealous can also mean watching out for yourself, your time, your energies and your soul. It means you have to guard them carefully:) Thanks for sharing.

    1. your are welcome :) & Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Like every emotion jealousy is also healthy up to some extent..should not exceed that..:-)